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    MLB Great Trevor Hoffman Meets With Pope Francis in Rome

    October 23, 2017, 12:42 pm

    Pope Francis, who is charged with saving the souls of more than 1 billion Catholics, had the chance to meet a fellow Catholic who is also in the “salvation business.”  CAC’s good friend Trevor Hoffman and wife Tracy met with the Pope Francis in Rome last week.  Hoffman, who is a devout Catholic and one of the greatest MLB relief pitchers of all time, was honored and touched with great emotion to meet the Holy Father.   Hoffman, who recorded 601 saves during his 18-year MLB career​​ and is considered a likely candidate for induction into the MLB Hall of Fame next summer, was thrilled to be in such close proximity to Pope Francis.  Trevor provided the Pope with a San Diego Padres jersey with the Holy Father’s name on the back.

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